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What are the pandas?

What are the pandas?

Who are we? It was all a dream — until it wasn’t.

The current NFT market offers a one or two-dimensional product to users where people purchase the latest NFT, hoping their investment skyrockets either through hype or luck — which are both not scalable business models. Let’s face it, most NFT offerings are peddling the same thing but offer no true utility.

The once hyped-up market has now receded, where projects with little to no business model feel the pinch of their investors, user base, and the market as sub-standard deliverables are released.

Enter Kanpai Pandas

Launched in April of 2022, the Kanpai Pandas are all about real-life experiences, where we’re combining the best of Web2 (IRL) & Web3 to create a unique NFT use case never seen before.

Our mission is to combine utility and art while bridging the realms of IRL events within the ever-growing Web3 space to offer true innovation to our user base virtually and physically through the use of multichain NFTs.

We’re not your typical NFT project; rather, we provide exclusive experiences for our user base with the extra dimensions we deliver, which is where we saw an actual scalable business to be owned.

Show, not tell.

I know you’re all thirsty to be part of this movement, but we still want to show you the benefits of being a panda holder.

Think of it as joining an exclusive club. Where your actual membership is valuable, resalable and provides constant perks, instead of just sitting in your wallet.

Some [and this is just a few of many] baller experiences our pandas have won to date are:

🎟️ 🎟️  | Two tickets to Super Bowl LVI

🎟️ 🎟️ |  Two Entries to the World Series of Poker

👑  | VIP Passes to all of the Rolling Loud Festivals around the Globe

👑  | Suite at SoFi stadium in Los Angeles to watch The Weeknd

👑  | Lux patio suite + access to the patio club, VIP parking passes, and more at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles with Bad Bunny & Diplo

👊 | The Kanpai Pandas hosted over a dozen of pandas in our VIP suite at T-Mobile Arena for UFC 285 - Jon Jones' Return!

Yeah… You missed out on these banger perks, but don't fret, as our next giveaways are stacked, Bae... 😉 

👑 🐝  | Kanpai Pandas will have a chance to access to our suite at Allegiant Stadium on August 26th and 27th for Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour!

⚽️ | Who wants to watch an amazing match on August 1st, mate?! Allegiant Stadium is about to get lit up for the match between AC Milan and FC Barcelona!

💃 | Allegiant Stadium is about to wild out on August 11th, and we're raffling two tickets on the PPDex for Karol G's 'Mañana Será Bonito' tour.

👯‍♀️ | Get ready for a night of electrifying K-pop at the Allegiant Stadium on August 18th with the BLACKPINK 'BORN PINK' ENCORE tour! 

These are just some of the perks [FOR AUGUST], so don’t be left out in the line and join the panda movement today!

There is so much going on with Kanpai that it can't be narrowed down to a single article. Explore everything we have to offer here.

So, If you don’t know, now you know.

Don’t just join the club — own it. | #ItsKanpai 🐼

 Kanpai Pandas are purchasable on OpenSea.


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